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We was born with a desire to provide a healthy and hygienic environment to our customers.

Wel come to SK Pest Control

S K Pest control in Hyderabad , Telangana is a team of professionals with sound knowledge and understanding on pest control and we realize the health risk these pest can pose to you and your family or the structural and economic damages to your property and that’s where our customized solutions come handy in satisfying our customers to their expectations.

            S K  pest control in Hyderabad team is fully trained and prepared to deal with any pest challenge that may arise and we offer customized solutions to our customers specifications and requirements while aligning and abiding by all government regulations and safety procedure.

Residential Pest Control

Protecting your own family health With whatever we do at Navigator Pest Control Services, the safety and health of your own family are at the vanguard. Your protection is not simply our precedence but additionally a promise.

Commercial Pest Control

Protect Your Investment Pests don’t discriminate, whether it’s a school, warehouse, supermarket, or restaurant, any business is vulnerable to its infestation.

S K Pest Management

S K Pest Management (SKPM) is a smart commercial pest control tool in the times of LEED and Green Buildings. It's designed for sensitive environments.

Ants Control

A small ant species with an intensely-black color. It has a distinguished petiole which distinguishes it from the white-footed ant.​


Aedes mosquito, also known as ‘Asian tiger mosquito’ has common black and white stripe markings on their body and legs.


Typically, blue, black, or inexperienced these bugs have a metallic sheen. They are barely larger than common residence flies but have some similarities.


Termites are social bugs, running and dwelling together in businesses called a colony. Each colony carries several forms of termite people.

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